Cloud has been the buzzword for the past many years and Metadev is among the top leaders in offering end to end cloud solutions for any type of organization from retail to real estate to logistics and manufacturing.

We develop robust cloud infrastructure with state of the art technology platforms spread across multiple locations, highly redundant, cutting edge security and world class performance. On the other hand, we enable companies to develop applications on third party clouds viz., Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, etc., where the top notch infrastructure is provided by leading technology companies who can share their platform to develop and run their business from anywhere in the world.

What To Watch Out For Your Cloud Partner?

There are key criteria we follow in providing cloud solutions to our customers which differentiate the specialists from the ordinary.

Industry Standard

We ensure industry standards and policies are maintained, and quality best practices are followed.

Performance Guarantee

We ensure reliable performance of servers and proper redundancy is maintained, high availability and disaster recovery tools are maintained.

Data Security

Cloud services store and maintain vital customer information on servers spread across the world. We ensure strict data security norms and policies are adhered to.

Technology Capabilities

We ensure technology roadmaps are followed for supporting the cloud infrastructure and supporting tools for smooth operational capability for the foreseeable future.

Data Migration

We ensure data migration support is available at any point of time for a seamless transformation of applications, platforms and databases without interruption to services.

Why Choose Metadev As Your Cloud Partner?

Need Assessment

We did a detailed analysis of the business functionality, current format, future requirements to select the right cloud service that aligns with organizational goals.

Customize Cloud

Get the platform work for your special needs with tailor-made applications, specially created for each business process, which are innovative and offer a unique user experience.

Service Deployment

We create prototypes, use sample data, mock user experience prior to actual implementation of the service to ensure performance capabilities, integration stability and security standards.

Cloud Optimization

We ensure service optimization for core functionalities, key features, data validation and user experience, enabling a premier cloud service offering unmatched by others.

Cloud Scalability

We design a scalable architecture, anticipate user traffic surges and provide for database capacity building, module expansions, storage sizing, etc., to handle any high frequency eventualities.

Get the best of cloud from industry experts with a decade of cloud solution offerings with professional and skilled cloud developers, dedicated customer-centric service and reliable customer support.